2012 e-book market will have to battle the user experience is the key

since December 21st, since the start of the beta dangdang.com e-book platform, including Jingdong, Amazon, the major electricity supplier and Hanvon, grand old e-book companies have responded. Dangdang opened a prelude to the battle of the 2012 e-book market.

, the market prospect of Chinese e-book

with the development of the times, the social competition is more and more intense, and the demand of improving oneself ability through reading is more and more big. The overall size of the book market in these two years is rising. At the same time, due to the gradual maturity of e-commerce market and the continuous development of mobile terminal technology, the demand for e-book users is more and more vigorous. In the fast pace of life, a lot of spare time can come up with a mobile terminal equipment at any time to read some of the content, so it can improve the efficiency of people’s life way of reading (not about reading effect) will have the market prospect.

The cost of

e-books is actually very low, for the moment, although the price of e-books generally less than 10 yuan, but there is still a huge profit margins. Although compared to paper books often dozens of dollars, the price of hundreds of dollars, e-books a few dollars or more than ten yuan price is very cheap, but in terms of net profit, e-books are not lower than paper books. There is no printing costs, there is no storage and logistics spending, through the network can be sold directly, in order to calculate the e-book is almost zero cost exists. The net sales of each one, but also because of low price and high sales, network operators and press on e-books to grab profits even higher than paper books a lot.

e-book market outlook is large enough, with the popularity of mobile terminals in the Chinese market, the electronic reading market will erupt in 2012.

two, Dangdang e-book sales model

Dangdang e-book paper book to make full use of advantages, through the "bundling sloppy" type, depth of interaction between e-book and paper book, the realization of the two kinds of reading mode coexist. Dangdang online shopping tour has 12 years of experience, China has the most advantage of publishing resources, can more easily solve the problem of library resources, and has a number of Chinese largest paper book reader, the book will be of great help to sell.

this paper books and e-book bundle sales model is very good, the advantages to use traditional printed books are still, and increase convenience advantages of e-books.

three, Dangdang e-book sales impact on Taobao C2C

e-book production for the impact of paper books many reports have said very clearly, I do not repeat the author here. I want to emphasize is that Dangdang this bundling mode brought a fatal blow to the Taobao C2C tour business.

I bought a Book Dangdang also bought a book on Taobao, the price is actually the same between them, in the online shopping paper books, Taobao also occupy a certain share. But now Dangdang

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