Analysis on the user distribution characteristics of B2C mall

recent statistics found that whether it is Taobao or independent B2C site, users have obvious geographical characteristics.

our website is the sale of automotive supplies B2C station, since December 1st, we put on the Baidu automotive supplies series keywords promotion. More than a week down, the visitors in the Yangtze River Delta region was significantly higher than that of jinjingtang, the Pearl River Delta region, and visit the south north area was more than the user.

also affected by this, access time, return rate consistent with the above characteristics.


(Baidu Promotion Week Statistics)

this problem before I see a friend has been described, but I do not understand what the reasons. Some people think it is a regional culture, I think this will not be the only and most important factor. After more than a week of our company Taobao C shop Taobao mall observation and sales colleagues exchanges, combined with their own understanding, I summarize here the following reasons.

1 logistics system is immature, express price difference.

current domestic logistics system is not perfect, not mature, the price difference between different regions, the arrival time is also different. Taking Shanghai area as an example, the general situation for the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and the surrounding areas, small items 5 yuan courier fee is enough, but to the north area ranging from 7 yuan to more than 10 yuan. This impact on the customer to buy the product on the Taobao sales process can be clearly aware of, so many of the circumstances to cut the price of express, talk about a good deal, talk about the achievements of the past, the formation of the habit of choice over time.

2 marketing steps affect.

any one of the company’s marketing must be prior to starting from the door, and then gradually locked in developed areas of promotion, to blossom everywhere, but so far have not heard far away promotion. Whether it’s online and offline.

so the direct result of such a situation is that the local and surrounding areas of high awareness, understanding of many people.

3 regional economic impact.

statistics can be seen in the central and western regions far less than the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing and other places, which is easy to understand, the central and western regions of the economic backwardness of these areas too much. Beijing Shanghai suburban village may be most people know that the online sale of things going on, and the central and western counties do not necessarily understand Taobao, not to mention other shopping sites.

The influence of

4 cultural customs.

this has been mentioned by some friends, I think the impact of cultural practices do exist. From the local community area, such as the 19 floor, Xicihutong can be seen, they influence only in one area, and had no influence in the country.

the Internet is borderless, open, but the distribution of people is bounded. >.

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