Cut to 1688 export seller group for cross-border supply


] February 7th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before the wholesale business platform 1688 has been officially launched for export of cross-border electricity supplier seller "cross-border supply for" Ali’s market purchase.

according to 1688 sources, 1688 for the main cross-border service in the Amazon, Wish and other aliexpress shop cross-border small sellers on the platform, the current supply of products mainly include clothing, accessories, outdoor sports, digital home appliances, furniture and textile etc. categories.


(1688 for cross-border module’s official website screenshot)

actually, for Chinese export sellers, 1688 has been a major channel of supply. Last year, cross-border receivables and fund distribution platform Payoneer "2016 China cross-border electricity supplier survey" also pointed out that in the use of Payoneer Chinese export sellers supply channels, 1688, Taobao, Tmall, aliexpress occupy 53% sources.

, however, compared with the domestic electricity supplier seller, the demand for cross-border export sellers in the supply of services or differences." Industry expert Liu Guangyu 1688 industry marketing department to billion state power network said that cross-border electricity supplier sellers in the supply of inventory, supply of quality and supply stability, speed of delivery, the picture data package, return policy and other aspects with the domestic electricity supplier sellers users differ. So 1688 for this kind of users set up a "cross-border market for".

now, according to Liu Guangyu, 1688 for cross-border market based on screening of the 1688 big market abundant supply, has been screened out millions of cross-border for goods, it is worth noting that, for the 1688 cross-border supply is a platform for cross-border electricity supplier trade goods into the factory, the first phase of 100 thousand selected for cross-border supply the area, and continuously expand the supply base."


(in search of cross-border supply of Related words, the search box will pop up for cross-border area)

and in the marketing, the 1688 side said that the 1688 will track the demand for cross-border exports of goods merchants, and this type of seller to do targeted advertising. In addition, as long as 1688 in search of cross-border supply commodity related words in the box, will pop up for cross-border market.

in fact, this is not the first time for a 1688 buyer groups dedicated purchasing business for the market. According billion state power network to understand, as early as May 2015, 1688 on the line for cross-border import business in the import of goods market. At that time, the Alibaba pointed out, to make 1688 of global import distribution platform, and the use of logistics support and data flow service to do the import commodities traceability fidelity.

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