The explosion of red APP private honey put trick magic sound headset to!

as everyone knows, known as the "goddess of evolution" is a personal secret recently exploded in popularity, especially after several roadshows, by virtue of its brand direct product quality and price close to the people, captured a large number of female paper downloads soared, take heart, not only "looting" in such a booming occasion private honey, but be on welfare, to send thousands of


do some of you can not bear the heart of the little excitement? Come and see the truth!

excellent quality, if you have a



Take the

private honey launched the first prize is 1880 yuan BEATS SOLO 2 headset! The famous BEATS has always been the star and fashion people are respected, as a style of fashionable women, in addition to the outfit on have a distinctive flavour in the music, the pursuit of quality is to be perfect oh ~


Other perfect streamline

meticulously, from the frame to the ear cup are in strict accordance with the scientific design of human body engineering, the use of high-quality materials to help reduce heat and sound leakage, and incomparable high fidelity sound shocking, Beats prices are not always low, which makes many people look back, and you are one of them,


don’t worry, take honey to send you a private gift, as for how to participate, please read patiently ~


3CE at first sight, the woman with


A two

private honey and other gifts 126 yuan worth of Yun Eunhea "want you" with a high reputation, South Korea 3CE a lipstick! For a woman, can not make-up, but must be a good lipstick, lipstick not only makes you look a look, can also make you more clear Yao Mei oh ~


exquisite makeup with matte texture lipstick, low-key but beautiful, in your lips charming color.

limited edition cosmetic bag, guardian beautiful


yes, private honey to take the three prize is the preparation of the value of $99 private honey take a limited edition makeup bag!

makeup bag is the beauty of the mushroom cool out of standard, but there are still many mushrooms cool for cosmetics smashing into a lot of money, but ignore the bag, often see MM put on the table a cosmetic makeup brush forget throw it away, or even go directly to the cosmetics and brush to a briefcase in a special plug. I do not know that is easily infected with the bacteria, but also looks very ladylike Oh honey a private beauty for you to customize a super capacity mushroom cool beauty makeup bag, honey don’t take the platform in private sale Limited Edition bag only to you


value >

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