Jingdong Tmall upgrade here and they were shouting black history

Alibaba report on the Jingdong to respond fiercely: Chicken real name to report the duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake."



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double tension of gunpowder by Ali and Jingdong ignited the war of words.

first in the evening of November 3rd, Jingdong reported to the SAIC real name, said Alibaba disrupted the e-commerce market order. But the text also did not specify what Alibaba violates what specific law, or give Alibaba illegal proof.

is not sure whether the Jingdong is Alibaba which violates the law? In fact, since October 1st the formal implementation of the "network of goods and services from promotions management Interim Provisions" clearly stipulates: "the business platform shall not restrict or exclude promotional operators to participate in other third party trading platform in the network organization platform promotion."

Alibaba gave a strong counterattack, the evening of November 3rd first said: for the problem of competition, the ultimate solution is to allow consumers to choose."

and Tmall eleven preparatory committee spokesman Fang ya November 4th response is more intense: we respect real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing but today is… Chicken real name reported duck, said the duck monopoly of the lake……

Fang Ya said, we will continue to expand in the price, delivery speed, lead customer service service, and product quality advantages, continue to surpass themselves and customer expectations. The market needs the spirit of entertainment, but can not only stay in the entertainment spirit; the market is speculation, but can not always stay in the hype, not to the pengci and fried tea as a career. The market does not believe in tears, the market needs to open and fair competition in the sun, do companies need to face the reality of the play and courage.

this year, with the main battlefield Tmall moved to Beijing, Jingdong and Alibaba to upgrade the competition can be foreseen. Alibaba pulled a high-profile announcement of the Soviet Union, Beijing Ping campaign". Jingdong is a Tencent backing, relying on the "Beijing Teng plan" to deal with the ASO alliance, want to rely on Tencent social advantage promotion services.

this morning, even news that Suning’s car has been opened to the Jingdong in Beijing, Yizhuang.

as early as the end of October, Jingdong had not pointed out: the specific content is similar to Tmall, alluding to the forced one of two businesses, and that will never agree to such behavior and resolutely resist, please the majority of businesses make a conscious decision: to hegemony can only short-term interests, will lose interest and long-term cooperation platform."

Jingdong even for individual businesses under pressure to temporarily stop the normal operation or exit activities were punished, among them, a company called Sen’s official flagship store closed shop by the Jingdong, and announced the permanent no longer cooperate. Then, in order to "Linsen Jingdong, you do not understand me, I see the trees but you Rawlinson, >

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