Personal Adsense two new way out

is coming to the Spring Festival in 2008, and today I will talk about it with you.

one way out: earn money from foreigners!

although the domestic advertising alliance a lot, but the flow into the money conversion rate is too low, and poor integrity, the original income is not much, but also often exploited by the advertising alliance.

if you do have the level of the station, the promotion of the experience of the site also have, then consider taking foreign language station. Take English as an example, click on the ads in English click on the most of each click is more than 10 times the chinese.

Chinese, but a one or two cents a click, a click in the English language are dozens of cents, or even a click on up to a dozen dollars.

if you have a Chinese station, every day 5000ip, do Chinese station, the monthly income of 1000 can be difficult.

if you have an English station, every day there is 5000ip traffic, then a month to close $2000 is also very easy.

Google AdSense alliance in Firefox extension, a Chinese download 0.1 dollars, 8 cents for the China webmaster, has been very good. But an English download it directly is $1, equivalent to RMB 8 yuan.

like Keso’s blog every day there are tens of thousands of traffic, if keso another English blog, English daily traffic flow can reach tens of thousands of IP, the monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars is not a problem. Kseo left the Thousand Oaks and could consider the strategy.


foreign advertising alliance is divided into two main categories:

1, Google AdSense in accordance with the commission based advertising alliance.

Google AdSense account particularly powerful, to be careful, do not play smart. That Google will not give you money, but also K your account.

2, CB such as the sales commission based advertising alliance.

in accordance with the sales commission model has been very successful in the art of the operation, most of the list is a transformation can be dozens of dollars commission. There have been many experts rely on this type of alliance, earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

strongly recommend that you do this kind of sales commission by CB advertising alliance, so that the advertising alliance, then, and even not the site can make money. And generally will not be K off.

heart, you may say that your English is not good. English is not good, with the help of online translation tools. And then slowly learn English, spend more time, slowly adapted to the. I am now in the "Second Life" and foreign MM play, to learn English happily.

two way out: concentrate on yourself

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