My view on e-commerce and online business

first of all, I would like to state that all published articles are the real experiences of my own past, the views of people and things, as well as the information I have compiled from my experience. Because I believe: business should be " " " ", to fill, so try to avoid using words, but to the business concept is important, but does not intend to post on the " web programming; " forum.

Chapter 1: what is e-commerce and online business, what are the advantages and prospects?

in order to make the article a more complete, so roughly describe what is e-commerce and online business. In simple terms, e-commerce and online business is mainly based on electronic visa (visa) and online transactions, buyers and sellers may not know each other. Among them, e-commerce is bigger and online business is smaller. Because of the size of e-commerce, not suitable for entrepreneurs who have just started, I want to say is that everyone can do, so the following article will focus on talking about online business.

online business is suitable for people who have the conditions?

1. People who have leisure time, such as student

2. Have money, such as: migrant workers

3. Knowledge of web programming.

if I don’t have any money? What about


congratulations! It doesn’t take a lot of money to do business on the internet. If you understand the web page programming, the establishment of a professional website, simply do not need much money! Basically, my own first to make money on the site to less than RMB200 of the capital to set up. After that, I’ll share the details with you. Why do I say that no money is a good thing for a pound? Because no money can make more careful use of funds, every penny to play it, but will not make waste, is an entrepreneur to master knowledge.

: if you don’t know how to write a web page,


that is more to congratulate you, because you have to learn team spirit, the responsibility of the web page programming to know how to program, and you are focused on business knowledge, marketing, the creation of concepts, etc.. At the very least, you don’t have to take all the duties of the upper body, the appropriate responsibility to appoint the right person, the company will develop, expand. Remember, you’re a startup, not a job.

if you don’t have time? What about


that’s bad. Online business is not like the traditional store business, a guest can be opened on a visit, and the need for a lot of time (money does not have to) to advertise, improve " popularity " so wait, it is inevitable. So I need some money, for daily expenses. If there is no way, >

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