Experience sharing online shop to find new suppliers

in twenty-first Century, 09 years, change of the Internet is very large, mainly in the e-commerce, a large number of businesses to join the business, continuous production of a variety of business models, Taobao has become a new emerging business models, millions of Internet users to start a business in the online, open shop is the best way to choose individual entrepreneurship, but to open good shop, open shop, open shop popularity, still need to invest.

a lot of people roaming in confidence in high and vigorous spirits, Taobao, pat opened the store, the shop opened up, but also end, because he got a shop in Taobao, pat, above, to find a shop to sell the business to supply, and wait for customers on the door, the results of it? A day for two days are waiting for a time, died in the waiting, no confidence, no passion, shop ended. We don’t want to see this, it makes no sense.

do shop consignment, is not very simple, you first need to understand some of the knowledge of e-commerce, find shop supply, shop, decoration, one must not:

first you have to find a good shop source. The shop is not easy to find a good source, not only the price at the end is a good supply of goods, the so-called penny goods, who do not want to do only a sub sale; when choosing the source, to see the merchant’s attitude, attitude decides everything, many businesses to open shop small individuals don’t the heart, so the attitude of the business service, customer service, product quality checks are required.

find the supply shop will start to apply online or making independent shop, shop to the professional, do not see what, what to sell, let others feel not professional, do a lot of business shop dealers themselves as manufacturers, we do not identify a little trick you do comprehensive recognition. The 100% businesses are not only manufacturers, wholesalers, the few manufacturers do comprehensive. Do clothing is clothing, and will not reproduce jewelry.

shop do a good job, but do not forget the shop oh. The shop does not have to be richly decorated, as easily dominate. Store the best simple and warm. Too cumbersome, but will lead to slow open shop. Buyers do not buy something for a long time to open, there is no desire to buy, and sometimes can also make people feel very simple atmosphere.

shop price can not be careless, that just opened the shop or the Taobao store do not hit too high, a lot of Taobao owners are holding the Taobao store to try mentality, this does not work, advise you not to hold this attitude, we shop the goal is clear, is to make money to me. So, the pricing above want to leave at least 20% of the profits, only those in the cost price plus 1-2 yuan of the seller, in fact, disrupt the market, bad is dumping, the end of their own injuries.

shop to make customers feel very professional, I hope to do online shop owners who sell a little professional, do not hold the mentality of playing, your professional, perhaps you will be the first successful business

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