20 year old founder of the auction site has a $44 million annual turnover of $3



William Wolfram is a living in Finland, capital of Helsinki’s youth, when he was 15 years old, have bought Youtube film account and embedded in the movie ads, when you point in the purchase of goods, he then from intermediary fees earned to the manufacturer.

Wolfram, who saved his profits over the past few years, officially launched his first company 3 years ago: Dealdash, a bidding site, and he is now only 20 years old.

The main idea of

Wolfram comes from a number of bad reputation bidding sites, such as penny auction. Wolfram has lost 50 euros on the bidding website, which prompted Wolfram to set up a power for consumer Jiao Gongping’s company.

general auction site will be set up for a period of time, allowing customers to bid for goods during this period of time. Bidders should first pay bid points, each click "Bid (bid) lost 1 points, the commodity price increase of 1 cents; if the auction time is only one second, as long as people press (Bid), the auction remaining time will then jump back to the setpoint to last until the end of time, until no further bids.

at this time, the last one is the highest bidder, bid bidder! Other bidders bid although not paid, just press the "Bid" price, it back. This is also the main source of revenue for the bidding website.

Dealdash improved bidding, so that consumers have a higher loyalty

and the Dealdash subscript rule is still to buy the bidding points, roughly the same as the previous bid site. The difference is, for the loss of standard, Dealdash offers two options, one is to choose the "buy now", with the general price sold almost, but just by the use of the bidding bid points will be returned to you; another is to choose what to buy, then had to just use the Bye Bye said the number of bidders, all by Dealdash


Wolfram said the company income mainly from the loss of bidders pay bid points, also including the agency fee, namely when the loss through the "buy now" to buy goods, the industry will give Dealdash intermediary fees.

Although the

placement fee income is relatively low, in the book seem not cost-effective, but actually Dealdash to have higher customer loyalty, so that customers are willing to spend time and long-term repeated browsing and consumption. So for Dealdash, this is a long-term business, is indispensable.

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