How Sora Aoi was hooked on social electricity supplier

I dark horse: in August 18th, Sora Aoi and her brand underwear SPAKEYS opened in Hangzhou’s first show cum Tmall flagship store, the news has become the headlines. In this exclusive interview scene meters by Wu mosquito brands, Sora Aoi and the third party tool developers, checking the whole Sora Aoi social business case.

May 19th, announced the famous island action movie actress miss Sora Aoi to sell underwear on the Internet! One can doubt is a cup of speculation selling point. Grass root who are bored, what you fry, what are you I’ll come along for the ride. Circle of people just a few days to attract tens of thousands of people micro-blog reply. Behind everything from this mysterious brand "SPAKEYS" in the 19 days before the leak of the slightest tone.

August 18th, Sora Aoi and her brand underwear SPAKEYS opening in Hangzhou and Tmall flagship store opening, the news has become the headlines. Just think, how it is to do a lingerie brand than the endorsement star also fire.

this 83 years in November 11th Scorpio female, just look at the birthday and electricity supplier giant seemingly inseparable contact. She is destined to have electricity supplier and fate. This also led to a series of questions, full of gimmicks, but how far can the commercialization of underwear, whether it is worth the mysterious price channels, how can consumers impulse, heartbeat and action?

tipping point – event marketing

0 awareness of the brand wants to survive in the ocean of the Internet, the flow is the spray, get the highest degree of concern, to get the biggest crowd, there will be no spray was shot dead on the beach. Event marketing! Sora Aoi sell underwear first step, won! Sora Aoi, underwear, social electricity supplier, these three words together, it is full of contradictions. Huge traffic brings the brand’s attention, through the Internet detonated the event marketing model!

The development of

network is that it can not be generalized. In May, Sora Aoi first in the micro-blog sold 528 items 5 hours away. High class price and let the grass root most willing to pay. A little-known "SPAKEYS" micro-blog from 1 thousand people, 160 thousand people get together. Micro-blog topic nearly 20 million reading. Data show that women did not reject Sora Aoi’s products, but feel very inspirational. In this era of data speak, the above figures have proved Sora Aoi’s popularity. Everything is being turned upside down, and we’re looking for a new way to play. Dare to be the first person to eat crabs, the Internet, no answer, always forward.


traditional enterprise — departmentalism. Too many scruples, law-abiding, everything is ready to get started.

: a new viewpoint — goal orientation. Looking for leverage, not comprehensive, while shooting aimed at

core strategy

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