12 said the cross-border electricity supplier status set in the grass root radish

[Abstract] after 10 years of development history, the cross-border electricity supplier is still not able to meet the domestic electricity supplier maturity, from the perspective of market demand, the potential is still underestimated. Therefore, whether it is known as the Red Sea in Europe and the United States market, or in the so-called blue ocean, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets, there is a positive influx of businesses. For the first time to enter the cross-border electricity supplier industry or want to do cross-border electricity supplier sellers, first of all to clear three key issues: what to sell? Where to sell? Where to sell?

days ago, cross-border electricity supply chain financial services CEO Xu Hua Fu Hao according to their own experience and judgment, to answer a few questions of entry of cross-border electricity supplier, and expressed their views on the third party platform selection, product selection and selection of target market.

is summarized as follows:

1, at present, China has hundreds of thousands of independent cross-border electricity supplier, but from the needs of overseas consumers and market potential point of view, these hundreds of thousands of electricity providers are still far from enough.

2, clothing, digital electronics, auto parts category are cross-border electricity supplier export industry category. Although the domestic car is not good, but the auto products in the United States and Germany are very popular.

3, some of the characteristics of small products in foreign countries also have a certain market, such as false eyelashes, Europe and the United States people love to buy colored eyelashes. From a statistical point of view, a lot of cross-border electricity supplier sales of false eyelashes are produced in South Korea, merchants sold to Europe and the United States imported from South korea.

4, to participate in cross-border online shopping overseas consumers have the following characteristics: young, half of grass root fan, is a college student, "Radish" grass root in the China, overseas students also love to buy Chinese website products.

5, the domestic electricity supplier often exposed the phenomenon of selling fake goods, in fact, there are also fake problems abroad, just to provide a different way. Therefore, cross-border electricity supplier imitation goods, fake is not open around the topic. Because there is a market demand there will be such a supply, and this amount is not small.

6, foreign buyers are very concerned about the protection of rights and interests. As long as the product and the expression does not match, including quality, delay and loss and other issues, all refunds, but also poor. Platform sellers eager to give buyers a double thing, do not want to have this bad reviews.

7, at present, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong city are cross-border pilot rash and too much in haste. The national policy also began to support a trade settlement is fully liberalized, two is gradually opening up the customs clearance.

8, the export tax rebate so far is only a concept, the premise of the export tax rebate. By the end of 2013, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance may introduce a new policy, the provisions of the following 50 million how to charge more than 50 million charges. Once the charges are successful, export and import electricity supplier on the legalization.

9, the United States, Britain, France, the country sales high is a fact, but some other small countries also have a large market, such as pull off "

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