Outline of e-commerce legislation is expected to form in March next year

in December 20th, the 2014 annual meeting of the Research Institute of electronic commerce law development of Peking University was held at the Law School of Peking University. People from government, academia, industry association, from the heart of electronic commerce in China’s legal development, around the framework of e-commerce legislation and problems, launched a full discussion.

legislative timetable

At the

meeting, Shi Yuzhi, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Research Office of the detailed introduction of the progress of China’s e-commerce legislation. He said that in October 2013, the relevant legislative work of e-commerce has been included in the legislative plan of the twelve National People’s Congress, and after the establishment of the drafting of the e-commerce law group.

rule Weekend reporter learned that by the end of 2013, the drafting of e-commerce law group will convene a meeting to determine the 14 research projects. Up to now, these issues have been basically completed.


of these 14 issues, including the following contents: the electronic commerce regulatory system, e-commerce market entry and exit, the data message and the electronic contract, e-commerce online payment, the protection of intellectual property, electronic commerce tax, e-commerce dispute settlement mechanism, consumer protection, electronic transactions, cross-border e-commerce information security electronic commerce, product quality supervision, courier and e-commerce development, e-commerce trusted transaction environment.

"of course, there are also some of the more important issues in the development of e-commerce is not included in the current research, such as the division of legal responsibility in e-commerce. However, from the direction of these 14 projects, we can also see the framework of e-commerce legislation." Shi said, "on the whole, the legislative purpose of China’s e-commerce law should be to promote the development, standardize order, protect the interests of."

Shi Yuzhi said, China’s electronic commerce legislation, there is a "schedule": "from the electronic commerce law drafting group set up to December this year, the drafting group will research results on these 14 issues of special investigation and complete the research report, to form syllabus in March 2015 October 2015, completed; the draft legislation of electronic commerce, the draft in consultation with various departments and local, commercial enterprises, associations, experts and other views, to fight in June 2016, submitted to the National People’s Congress caijingwei plenary discussion."

attaches importance to consumer protection

a large number of ordinary consumers, in order to bring the prosperity of e-commerce, so how to protect the interests of consumers in e-commerce activities, has become an important topic of the electricity supplier legislation can not be avoided.

Xue Jun, vice president of Peking University law school, said the current consumer protection law has been unable to meet the needs of e-commerce environment, e-commerce legislation should strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests.

"we need to pay attention to how to solve the new legal disputes in e-commerce environment. For example

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