WeChat paid response to Alipay security question will push the full payment

  DoNews10 Sept. 18 at Alipay had proposed WeChat pay questioned the existence of security risks, the Tencent announced that WeChat will cooperate with the PICC Chinese, launched a full payment service for users.  

Tencent Inc and Chinese PICC before the date of agreement, if the user due to the use of official WeChat payment caused by the loss of money stolen will receive full pay protection. Users in the application for payment, only to provide proof of authenticity and identification of the relevant loss, you can get full compensation.

it is understood that WeChat paid by the third party payment platform to pay the money to provide licenses and technical support. Security mechanisms, WeChat paid to set up a security mechanism, including hardware locks, payment password verification, terminal anomaly judgment, real-time transaction monitoring, trading, such as emergency freeze to ensure the safety of funds.

up to now, WeChat can be achieved in the initial application scenarios include payment within the WeChat public number, sweep the two-dimensional code payment and App transfer payment.

in addition, Ali Finance released a new version of Alipay wallet, Ali small micro domestic business group president Fan Zhiming has blasted WeChat circle of friends "is a selling fake position, payment security risks exist". WeChat launched the full payment business at this time, can not let people guess is positive for Ali version of Alipay wallet.

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