Express Express valuation of nearly 50 billion yuan plan to market within two years

Express Express valuation of nearly 50 billion yuan plan for two years listed

[TechWeb] April 2nd news, the Central Express program financing $1 billion, valued at nearly $50 billion. Has started listing plan, hoping to be listed in the next two years. An executive confirmed the news, and said the listing process has started in the company.

the official said, in May 2013, Sequoia Capital had to buy the old shares in the form of a $30 million stake in the partnership, compared to the previous "buy old stock" in different ways, the financing is through capital increase, in raising funds and pave the way for the listing with the power of capital. In addition in addition, nearly two years of accelerated turn to join direct tact in seeking listing. In EMS, the suspension of the listing has yet to restart the case when SF listed in suspense, the first listed company of the express industry is very likely to result in pass and tact.

data show that domestic courier in one of three links (Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, in the pass, Huitong) and every other courier companies have a common home in Zhejiang County of Tonglu, in the courier industry, they are known as the "Tonglu gang". In fact, several supporting private courier industry, almost half of the country Chinese, all originated from one family. (Ming Yu)

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