Cao Xun Shop competition intense small sellers should hold together for development

along with the deepening of the economic crisis, the development of Taobao mall has also brought opportunities. The size of the foreign trade enterprises are facing the export to domestic sales by petty, open up the domestic market quickly, Taobao increasingly mature sales platform is undoubtedly the best choice for them. The influx of a large number of strength sellers, leading to small and medium sellers living space more narrow.

small sellers in the future? What do we take these bigwigs competition? How to find a glimmer of dawn in the cracks of


restricts the individual shop the biggest bottleneck is the development of individual combat, independent management. There are few open business network with the mentality of the exchange with the core of things. Often in the Taobao forums to see some online experience sharing articles, read after leaving the biggest impression is too utilitarian, it is in order to promote their own shop, experience is not practical, or sing the same old song.

as a personal shop owner, should be combined to promote resource sharing. I said the resource sharing can proceed from the following aspects:

experience sharing: combined with their own business owners of different types of purpose, the establishment of mutual aid group. Share the development process of the shop to take the business strategy, shop promotion, promotions, etc..

store traffic sharing: the formation of the League to do a joint promotion shop, you can set up an alliance within the aggregation page weekly spike, you can also enjoy the two times in the League shop online discount. The formation of local network operators more advantages, union trial, gift the more convenient.

customer data sharing: each shop has its own independent database of customers, more than a few hundred diamond shops, more than tens of thousands. Remember to have a friend to do the phone sales business, has revealed that the phone number is bought, which gave me a lot of inspiration. In the information age, data is intangible assets.

supply sharing: this does not believe that we do not understand, is to shop their own goods to the union store, Taobao’s search engine in the commodity search engine to increase the probability of natural sales will increase.


, the individual shop to the rapid development of a scale, hold together is a good way.

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