Spider web woven online newspaper platform B2B business into a breakthrough

entrepreneurship itself is a risky thing." Yang Mingqiu said.

Yang is chairman and CEO spider network.

of Harvard Business School, a long-term study showed that more than 70% of the companies in the world, will die in 3 years ago; finally can survive more than 5 years, only less than 10%.


understand, on entrepreneurial hardships in 2005, Yang Mingqiu decided to venture. In a commercial and residential office building, he and several partners began the history of the spider web.

39 year old Yang Mingqiu, a former A listed company Oriental Pearl (600832, shares) vice president and Secretary of the board of directors, and then move forward, he also served as China Construction Bank (601939, shares) director of the Shanghai branch mortgage department research office and Hongkong new Dazhong group consulting firm manager.

the first three years is indeed more difficult, Yang Mingqiu said, not only lack of money, lack of people, lack of customers, even the business model in the end or not.

now, has 5 year old spider web, not only can grow rapidly every year, but also to achieve a profit, in 2010 the turnover of more than 100 million yuan.

Yang Mingqiu think, after three years, the spider web business model is feasible, and can do it, then, look at the team’s operating capacity.

in fact, his own Yang Mingqiu, in what is not high-tech, nor to invent what novelty products, but the integration of resources, to help others to sell newspapers".

1 online selling newspaper work

for Yang, for example, found the opportunity to return to the entrepreneurial opportunity in 2004.


, a media group of Australia Oriental joint venture, the operation of the print media, but because of the large shareholders of the Shanghai group to catch up with the change, this thing from the grounding down.

has done research on the market of newspapers and magazines, but Yang Mingqiu found that China’s distribution channels are not very market-oriented, the traditional way of publishing newspapers can not meet the needs of readers.

this discovery will contribute to the creation of the spider web, Yang Mingqiu, who hopes to use the Internet to a more professional and personalized services to help traditional newspapers and magazines issued in order to earn commissions.

but at first, the spider had to answer the question of "chicken or egg first": there is no publication of the supply of content, rely on to attract readers without readers, and how to persuade the parties agreed to cooperate?

"this is also a difficult place to start a business," said Yang Mingqiu, who chose to fight two fronts simultaneously".

so, they have a family to talk about the media, at first, of course, there are a number of newspapers and periodicals for the new venture companies do not believe or do not understand, refused to cooperate.


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