Electricity supplier tornado, let you panic

Internet era, the electricity supplier tide seems to be the most babies, perhaps some people think that traditional industries have over fast, the business will do more good, because our life will be more and more close to the electricity supplier, away from the traditional industries, the final result is the traditional light industry life stage, in this regard, Mascherano is has his own opinion.

A: electricity supplier is just a newborn


why can so say? We can look around love online shopping friends, survey the most expensive things they buy on the Internet is what? If there is no accident, certainly not more than ten thousand yuan, of course, your friend is the two rich generation enterprises or you might be beyond this lot. However, if it is really something, he also disdain to buy things on the Internet, through the investigation, we find that in the online consumer are generally ordinary people or the petty bourgeoisie, and the level of consumption is not too high, because to buy things online, figure what? I believe that most of the reason is:


although electric fired so hot, but also could not conceal its helpless, such as we are sick, we buy medicine, we can go online to buy? Estimate is a normal people can not afford to, we want to buy expensive jewelry, you dare to buy online? Even Jingdong, you not because you are afraid of it, is false, for these reasons the supplier and then developed, it is not possible to traditional industries PK to step down, our traditional industry friends can be assured that in China, Internet users more, more is the access to information on the Internet, watching video, rather than shopping, the electricity supplier is just a newborn


two: do not put too much electricity supplier myth

often see some articles, some are said to engage in electricity providers, easily earn a few days tens of thousands of things, I believe that read articles like this friend, surely this thing very admire of the electricity supplier of their living, feeling really is so unsatisfactory, or feel the business is really so behind the times, seems to finally find the reason you don’t make money. For this, he felt that a lot of people want to put the electricity supplier too simple, or is it a myth, do business and no we think simple, undeniable, use the tools of the Internet, information is easier, but no contact, rely on these virtual tools to make a lot of money that is unrealistic.

see here, if you want to get success, millet mobile phone to refute the pony pony? Please listen to say slowly, even if only Lei, rely on the Internet to sell, he will fail, why he can succeed, it is because the millet mobile phone is from the masses, to the masses, millet mobile phone is the most down to earth products, see the user can accept the price through the investigation, love function, then customized out of such products, the masses will refuse? Like the Lei this big boss, we all need down to earth, these ordinary people rely on some WeChat or forum to make money, is not a little too naive, >

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