Without the fear of B2B predators committed to expand the market to snatch a hundred responses to a

It is reported that

, March 18th, Jiangsu province Qilian – Middle East Tejari cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in Nanjing, which marks the "B2B predators" Tejari officially landed in Jiangsu market. Tejari is a professional e-commerce company of Dubai International Group, is also the United Arab Emirates royal government procurement platform, with 15 countries and 180 thousand corporate members, and the establishment of strategic purchasing partnerships with more than 130 thousand members of the Middle East buyers online trading services, mainly covering the Middle East, scale ranked eighth.


in May 2008 China Tejari high-profile entry, and received wide attention in the Internet industry. I linked to the world’s largest professional B2B business engine (www.youboy.com) the relevant person in charge of a hundred responses to a single call, on the move into China Tejari views.

the responsible person told the author, like the "B2B Tejari predators" landing Chinese in one fell swoop, explains the rapid development of electronic commerce in recent years in Chinese, but is still in the primary stage. Domestic B2B market potential is still huge, countries have been targeting this market. But the real opponent Tejari eyes is a Alibaba, it had little impact on a hundred responses to a single call. In 2003 a hundred responses to a single call development to product line operation has been six year, B2B in the search field has occupied a leading position.

In fact, China’s

B2B market does not need to be afraid of any international giants to snatch, has been doing a hundred responses to a single call is firm to e-commerce cake. With the expansion of their own market, and then seek a win-win situation, in order to achieve the results of economic take-off. Specific performance in a hundred responses to a single call spend thirty million special funds to support the agency action, and the second stage support agency has officially started to visit. At the same time to join a hundred responses to a single call to raise the threshold, the support will also increase. Do the market scale and local strong, long-term cooperation and achieve win-win coexistence of agents, the market is always the market concept, a hundred responses to a single call.

is the last person in charge told the author, our fearless predators snatch, but its market is not attractive. Common bigger e-commerce market cake, is the magic weapon to deal with all powerful forces, but also the only way to promote the development of e-commerce in the future. The next ten years is the electronic commerce for ten years, has been a hundred responses to a single call.

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