Advertisers, websites and users of the three party win

      the sustained and rapid development of network economy is becoming an important feature of economic development in the world in recent years. The network economy has pushed the times to a fast track, and the network advertising industry has developed rapidly in recent years. With the profound changes in people’s media consumption concept and consumption habits, the pattern of the entire advertising industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

      advertising originality nowhere corner

      buy keyword advertising are very clear, the search engine in order to take into account the user’s search accuracy for keyword advertising description must not exaggerate the flat straight. For example, in the advertisement to write "the country’s largest hardware products website," such words, unless there is a fair unit to prove that you are the country’s largest, otherwise it is not allowed. "The cheapest hardware" is also the same.

      keyword advertising can be said to be the most economical type of advertising. Look at the advertising copy, only "the company offers a variety of digital cameras and maintenance services" and "club a SUV, to provide all kinds of tourist information such as the description of enthusiasm. Or just like to express the most drive a duck onto a perch, the information with the least words, "hardware, machinery and electrical industry B2B website, membership, advertising" such a crowded and dull expression.

      this approach has accounted for 60% of the online advertising market, advertising creative nowhere to fall, then, the relevant creative copywriter is not to jump off the building?

      advertising should not be more money than the game

      if you want to buy the "digital camera" this keyword, you must bid for the word. This price is the amount of money you have to pay every time an Internet user clicks on an ad. Want to buy the word a lot of manufacturers, how to determine the advertising is displayed in the order? The highest bidder.

      this caused everyone grab a line in front of the event, some key words even to one click advertisers have to pay a few dollars RMB level. However, advertising should not be more than the money to see who the game, not to mention, the considerable benefits brought about by this ad is a huge investment behind the advertising, the average effect may not be satisfactory.

      in fact, some smart advertisers know how to avoid the high price paid to grab popular keywords, and more advertisers began to adjust the investment direction, mining new and more effective advertising products.


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