Electric shop business Qi promising big data giants financing billions of dollars

Beijing daily news (reporter Liu Yu) shop No. 1, Eslite, intime network, Wangfujing mall and other old and new retail enterprises to provide large data boom OCS service enterprises favored access to capital. Yesterday, the percentage of data technology companies to get a $10 million round of financing B venture capital and venture capital IDG. Up to now, the company has received $17 million 200 thousand in financing, the capital market is a large investment in such projects.

Wangfujing department store CIO Liu Changxin said that although most companies have the ability to collect data, but the use of internal data isolation. According to statistics, companies can use data accounting for less than 15%. In the intime network COO Lin Chen seems, the traditional retail business online and offline data are more in a state of division, only to strengthen the integration of data, in order to achieve the end user experience.

Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that, through big data, companies can more accurately understand the needs of users. Su said the adorable founder points, for traditional retail businesses, big data can by consumers to shop rate, consumption habits, shopping preferences, real-time push promotions, through the promotion of information effectively push consumers shopping route planning, and enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, reduce marketing costs, increase sales. Lin Chen said, intime group is to achieve full coverage of the mall WiFi, shopping malls can be directed by WiFi members and consumers to the store push information.

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