500 Startups as the startup of the top five values


      in recent months, as a company, 500 Startups has grown a lot. The company has made great progress, but it still has to overcome many challenges and solve many problems. I never want 500 Startups laurels, if we want to 500Startups to become the world’s best business accelerator, and find the seed round of investment, most diverse, so, we must remain ambitious, desire, and the overwhelming sense of urgency.

one of our biggest challenges is to keep our culture alive and to be able to escalate. Those who join the 500 Startups, we need to understand what our culture is, but also to understand why we struggle, we need to expand the spirit of the 500 to the global network.

and this is one of the 500 Startups responsibilities. We have a very transparent organizational structure, therefore, along this context, I would like to tell you 500 Startups corporate values, tell us why we do this, and how we do.

below, is driven by 500 Startups of the five values:

should be brave, but also modest

when we are involved in risk and innovation, as individuals, as a team, or as a big family, the 500 Startups will usually take into account the strategic strategy of our great, even very ambitious. Great ideas should not be tied up with the cost of implementing these ideas, but we should be encouraged to do risky projects, even if it may bring some white. If / when the project fails – and sometimes they don’t fail – we should be modest and responsible, and seek help if necessary, and then quickly solve the problem. (to some extent, this value is borrowed from Wikipedia)

we can forgive mistakes, but cannot tolerate overcautious.

fast execution, innovation

we can tolerate occasional failure (if you have not experienced several failures, your heart can not be strong), but we can not tolerate two attitudes: rigid bureaucracy and baseless nonsense. We should set a higher goal, the goal can be set high, but it must be down-to-earth to perform. We should not accept the status quo, no place, careless, irresolute and hesitant. A quick small decision, although sometimes there will be errors, but definitely better than those poor execution of good decisions. Yes, our values are drawn from Facebook, the other 500 Startups >

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