How to run an nternet venture with 10 million funds


got from dad borrowed 10 million venture fund, understand computer technology, what kind of Internet business projects? This is a problem that almost, but the questioner just graduated from the University for more than a year of work, team building, project and financial system can say is absolutely ignorant of:

background: the top three domestic university computer science graduates majoring in computer for more than a year, this year to do the technical development in the domestic top three Internet Co, to engage in Internet business on the grounds, and father (in the industry) borrowed 10 million (has been credited, the father does not allow me to make investment. He said the need to dry facts, lost on the back of his company to have a good work, I have no interest in his business, he has always wanted me to go to his company exercise, I unilaterally wrote him an IOU) before, want to do mobile social networking, Internet Education project (project proposal, also my father watched program, he said he did not understand the Internet, think the two one can try (he to the management of his company, he only saw) gave a piece of advice: don’t illegal. Money can not know how to start the hands of how to start where to start, such as team building, such as project launch, such as the financial system and the like.

I rely on their own test of the University, but also rely on the campus recruitment of their own to find a domestic Internet Co (BAT) in the work, there is no need to rely on the relationship to find a job. I don’t like my father’s business and I don’t want to inherit his estate.

Wu Yuke (Amos) combined with their entrepreneurial experience of failure, made a wonderful answer:

from scratch, a high starting point, low profile

I had a similar experience with you two years ago, even though it wasn’t for the internet. So I’m going to talk about my thinking and the results now, I hope to give you a little help and inspiration.

time back to three years ago, when I just returned home to work at home for some time, after a year of work due to various reasons to leave the company. At that time, I have two choices, one is to find a job, go to work; the two is to open their own company. For a long time or decided to open their own company, the reasons are as follows:

I think entrepreneurship is to stay up late, and so on, I can not stand. If I go to the company to work, year after year to repeat the same work, I’m afraid my passion and drive will be away. Go to work can only contact the company responsible for one aspect of their own, and the company can be a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the company’s operations. Can learn faster and better integrate into society.

I can ask my father for money, so the hardest piece of money is not a problem for me. Conditional high starting point into the community, I do not start from the work. So I began to stroll around the streets, every day about friends drink tea, pay attention to the news from all walks of life, began to look for projects ready to do. >

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