Fuxing network four sales success must make money

now Wangzhuan industry more and more prosperous, there are more new join Wangzhuan owners, must have experienced Wangzhuan people, are generally from the lowest click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project survey toil, including the author, also do the bitter force when the project began, did not earn a money. Slowly just know, want to make money on the Internet, selling the product is king. If you want to sell a product successfully, then the individual thinks your product should have these four must:

1 must be a product of people’s needs


is also very good understanding, for example, you want to sell air conditioning or selling Eskimo comb to monk, is the need to go through a difficult process of sales, but is surprised that many people now try to convince others, is to buy their wonderful products. A lot of new people, just want to start looking for products, as long as they find the characteristics of the product, you can sell out, but did not seriously think about this product is not the product people need.

the most appropriate approach is to first find out what consumers want, and then according to the needs of consumers, to develop the most fit their needs of the product. If you provide products that people need, then you do not have too much marketing, there is the intention of customers to find your

2 must have a compelling, persuasive ad

is now the information is more and more developed, every day we are exposed to from TV, network advertisement, a lot of advertising, others may read it and forget, but some can remember for a lifetime, and affect people’s consumption habits. For example, the most famous advertising this year Chinese New Year gifts. The only gifts are "XXX", afraid to get angry, drink XXX and so on, we have to design a good product can make you ad talent shows itself for our products, attract the attention of others.

3 must be aware of your intentions where the customer is

is a way for you to know who you want to provide products, ready to find what you need the product or service, then your network poineering road will take very flat, in the database marketing, is usually defined as the potential customer lists, customer database is your coffers, we you can go to the preparation of this list, also can cooperate with others, to buy similar products to get the list of customers

4 must have a cost effective delivery system

communication system can be a blog, website, or e-mail, you can also pay for the auction advertising, portal advertising, and then not on a manual one to sell in the qq. In line with the cost of the system, is not to say that you want to find something free, if you spend 100 yuan, to bring you a profit of $500, that is a good system, bidding is the use of this feature.

The key factor for

is that every penny we spend on marketing can bring us

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