Talk about how to make money through beauty street SNS

2008 SNS site really fire up, to a large extent, Kang Sheng’s UCHOME launch, reducing the technical level of the threshold, so basically anyone can easily build a SNS site.

I have done a beauty Street dating site, after a period of exploration, found a lot of problems. To share with you. We may encounter some problems, and these problems, let us into the misunderstanding, and profit from the increasingly profitable.

first, I think the more the better the SNS plug-in, every day to pay attention to what the official website of the UCHOME plug-in, I would like to the first time the new plug-ins are installed up. Actually, I made the mistake.

second, that SNS is mainly propaganda, more people, it is sure to make money. So many SNS sites still burn, to promote, to promote.

third, SNS interface requirements are too high.

fourth, that the more games, the game can retain a lot of people.

may engage in the SNS site owners have appeared in the street I’ve made friends dating sites have these problems. However, after a period of exploration, beauty Street dating sites have begun to profit, although, however, about 1 months or so, it is about 1500. But my biggest experience is:

1.SNS is the core factor of communication, and often many SNS sites ignore the guidance.

2.SNS website is not the most popular, but the profit model. My site is only about 700IP a day, but it’s worth a lot more than IP3000.

3 consider good group. I would like to make friends website, most of the women, so, I and other traditional industries, the company’s cooperation, the value of cooperation, especially cosmetics, beauty salons, etc.. Currently working with a company. So we do not see any ads above me, but in fact profitable.

4. Site positioning, you are through the member to profit or other aspects of the site to profit. This is a crucial question. Many SNS sites, including the forum, will be expected to profit in terms of membership, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Not a complete system, can not earn the money of the members, unless done as 51 and QQ so good. Or give up the idea.

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