Wang Feng entrepreneurship these years the more cattle want to force


CEO Wang Feng



note: published this article, does not mean that fully endorse the views of the article, only to understand the tip of the iceberg Wang Feng entrepreneurship these years.


1, Internet Co has an interesting departure culture, leaving a topic of the company’s people get together to open a QQ group, a thought-provoking name. Baidu came out called "Broadway", grand out called "the warrior", Jinshan came out called "San Francisco"". In the San Francisco army, Wang Feng belongs to the qualifications of generations old one, worked with Qiu Baijun, Lei Jun and Jinshan three".

Jinshan Sanjie, angel investment Lei Jun millet mobile phone and Every dog has his day with a series of successful and did well; Qiu Baijun holding a large number of Jinshan shares (recently rose to HK $9. Jinshan), retired; in contrast, these years some heroes and Wang Feng.

There is an old saying in

2, the network media circle, called "muffled fortune, shouting out every day must be short of money or want to make money". Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi started doing anti malware, is this. Wang Feng these years, but also fully confirms this sentence.

not long ago, Wang Feng and the words: "the equipment revolution has gone to Webpage Game." He played this one background, we just announced that from Webpage Game comprehensive transformation Mobile Games. A remark provoked outrage. Not only did a large number of Webpage Game carries the dream producer, this "food bowl – bowl" has also let a lot of peer contempt. The game was a middle Tencent in micro-blog directly contradict Wang Feng’s comments, saying that too, absolutely disagree.

Wang Feng then left

as everyone knows, Jinshan founded blue harbour, first select the end of the tour; the end of the tour for a few years, didn’t become a decent work. Webpage Game momentum up toward the blue homeopathic Webpage Game; Webpage Game toss two did not see a Mobile Games, just hot, immediately announced a comprehensive transformation of Mobile Games blue, and talk a lot of nonsense.

3, when Wang Feng founded blue, many reporters are not optimistic about the game, because as chairman and CEO Wang Feng only knows marketing, do not understand the game. So Wang Feng fall into such an awkward position: the game maker circle most understand the market, marketing circles most understand the game.

years in the accumulation of Jinshan marketing tools, the Internet and the challenges of the new media, not necessarily still work. Not to mention the marketing world Jinshan was not big, carrying a "second millennium" nickname.

at the end of 2007, Wang Feng founded the blue after the first large-scale media. At the time the mentality too, threw a three year strategy — three years annual income of over 1 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan more than the market value of the company. Blink of an eye, 5 years have passed!


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