Summary the era of nternet fine operation

Internet companies how to do business? How to change the massive hits and "eyeball" for real income and profits? How to establish a stable and loyal customer base? How to better serve our customers? After away from the bubble, after trying to survive the cold winter of Internet, these problems in the "Internet value return" today has become the most concerned problem for enterprise network. 3721, 263 and other Internet companies have recently launched a new customer service system, can be considered a good attempt in this regard.

A, the Internet: concepts, products and services

in three hours, China Internet companies also completed the transition from concept to product and service. The concept of the stage of the Internet Co is more investor oriented, a little taste of staking, like the concept of speculation, to attract the attention of the public and investors. Since 1998, Internet Co to product stage. In this stage, there are three major portals on the continuous strengthening of the content of the news, there are the introduction of the Internet real name of 3721, the introduction of e-mail, such as the 263. Product stage Internet Co began to care about how their products to bring value to Internet users, began to focus on network applications. Internet Co is a business oriented service, focusing on Market Research and planning, how to meet customer needs, strengthen internal operations and management. If the concept stage of Internet companies are more concerned about the click rate and access rate, pay attention to the "eye" of the concentration, then they are more concerned about how to "stick" users.

for their service system of brand building, in many traditional companies are more conventional >

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