Make use of custom click advertising to make money

had heard of the Internet to make money, has not believed, until I met a person.

began to know that he has a lot of websites, the Internet every day when the way to maintain it, and then these sites will bring him income, feeling very strange, so in an opportunity to chat with him, learning.

is very simple, he is nothing more than those websites through advertising alliance advertising revenue by visitors click on the ads, but how to ensure their own website every day there are a lot of IP traffic? How to enter your website for people to help you by clicking on ads? This question is interesting.

first of all, you have to have a website, must be a domain name, because the domain name of the two sites in the application for the launch of the advertising alliance can not pass. Then. What kind of website should be done? In fact, do not need to spend a lot of effort to do large, rich content of the station, as long as some of the content and from time to time to update, so that Baidu can be included.

then I choose to do the most popular movie or series of Baidu search site, a station put a film on it, all the text on this film to do so, the title (i.e., keywords) appeared many times on your website, the title in the Baidu search site you are to search opportunities will increase (note: the keyword density is too high may lead to Baidu’s offensive, must not overdo sth.).

next to ad to put their advertising, must choose to click custom code, because you can not let visitors to your website after a glance it is an advertisement, so they are not too active will help you click, click the custom code hidden behind the video window, visitors search videos enter your site, see the video window he is looking for the film, so he has other options besides click? Click on the video window when he saw him, he wants to see the film, you get the advertising fees.

to do that, the rest of the things that make flow, give your site every day to do a few high quality of the chain, when you reach a certain weight of the chain, Baidu will give your website on the position in the search results, if your website in search results on the first page but, you set the keywords and very popular, so IP traffic to your site every day will be more than ten thousand, think about it, even if it only about half of the ten thousand people click on your video window, this site gives you the income of at least 50 yuan or more, if you have 4 such sites, the monthly income of more than 6000.

the reason is very simple, but there are a lot of tedious work to do every day, if you have a lot of time on the Internet, you can try.

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