Do Wangzhuan part-time for a year and a half fetched 50 thousand yuan have what ability

last March from unintentional exposure to pig network, I officially entered the Wangzhuan career. In the past year and a half, through part-time, has fetched more than 50 thousand yuan, according to the average count, each monthly income of 3000 yuan, completed and it was only in each month and spend about 60 hours on the. It is also with this stable income, in the near future to buy a house.

if you really want to sum up, to achieve this level, ordinary people still cannot be equalled. Just a small step to success, but this step requires the ability to do the following.

is the first to adhere to. Just begin to contact the pig network, the first task is to write the NBA Jersey baby description, 200 words of a 4 yuan, then fetched 9.6 yuan has let me wildly excited, bluntly is a place to earn money. Later, with the first line of cooperation under the employer, the need to write 5 articles per day enrollment, the word 400 yuan / /3. At that time every day to rack their brains to write different characters through the graduation in the school to find a good job like, that there really is. But then one day there are 20 yuan of income is very stable to meet the. By May, momentum more violent, every day is 6 o’clock in the afternoon after work, at 7, after dinner at 7:30 always sit in front of the computer typing, busy to 12 o’clock to. In addition, the wife was pregnant and did not go to work, is to pass the time, begin to do promotion tasks, send a card 1 yuan, 1 yuan to send a message, the peak time of day can receive 30 yuan. In short, the first task is relatively low, one hour can only earn 10 yuan royalties. But we used to be happy, always in the. When I do design colleagues know I’m doing this part-time, there is not even worth mentioning this expression: we as early as a few years ago don’t play. It is not to earn what money, so they already feel outdated. But we were very clear, because the task is relatively simple, easy to pass, although the price is low, but there is a guarantee. And he is doing the design of the task is to grab the subject, although there are a few hundred dollars a task, but dozens of people to compete, pay the labor may not be able to get a return, naturally he would not insist on doing it. Wait until I have fixed a monthly income of 1000-2000 yuan, in addition to his envy or jealousy is not clear. Anyway, we feel that we will have to adhere to the future.

second is a good attitude. A lot of times will encounter some of the employer’s fraud, although through formal channels to complain, but the chance of winning is very small, pig network is always biased to pay these employers. This time, in addition to comments in the comments where there are a few words, it is more important to re look for the next task, this is not a great deal of entanglement, a waste of time. At that time, my wife has been angry, but also want to evaluate some, I said forget, there is time to write an article better, the goal is not to stay here >

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