Part time insurance website three months of extraordinary development path

insurance website or closely related to my real occupation, is the insurance sales this line I in reality, most in reality is to learn how to communicate with customers, and part-time insurance website or inspired by colleagues, colleagues say if I have Internet technology, so I still do a website to promote their own insurance. This is a word that changed my destiny in the internet. The following share my part-time insurance website for three months of extraordinary Road, I hope this article can also help to other part-time webmaster friends.

in the first month I mainly to understand the relation between insurance and Internet. Every day after work, my energy is mainly concentrated in the knowledge and understanding of website construction, will come up with the rest of time to understand the Internet every day, in the A5 Global Forum for a month, I also understand the relationship between domain name and space, according to the program, and A5 communication to the integrity of the Taobao search several sellers, so I started a preliminary way station.

I believe the

is similar to a personal blog program, but the program with the most blog program is not the same, he has the page to add a function, I think I’m going to allow customers to enter the site after the first time to check my information insurance certainly, then choose the program, then registered a local insurance + domain name, the domain name still has a lot of. At the end of the West spent hundreds of ocean chooses a host, so in the west of relevant personnel with the help of my first website was born.

second months I is mainly to set up basic information and add articles for the website, I thought I could do this website does not compete with other large insurance websites, and I am engaged in the sale in the Pacific Insurance Company (staff), so I did the city insurance word, you can look at the words of my insurance set, after the words I was ready to set a large number of articles, these articles mainly come from the company issued a promotional release and release some of the training, this took about ten days, after half a month the number of my website also has dozens of articles, web page looks rich, the entire site with vigor, I think this site I can enter the next promotion, then began a long road.


has just started to promote my method is the method with my web site to take publicity, is when the customer to consult the insurance problem will also add URL in our propaganda paper, through this method I probably sent out more than and 500 copies of propaganda paper, later found that this approach is not very good effect and I went home with his girlfriend together, should not take other approaches to the development of our website, after a total, we think of ways to spend money to advertise in reality.

third months with my girlfriend, I contacted several local newspapers, a total of about $600, and asked people to send leaflets on the road, about $50 per day

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