Do you plan to make money

said the site is my heart pain, I have your first website in 2001, after 2 years to become a leader in an industry, but the site is not a commercial interest in the website, the website for 05 years has long been black, I can’t solve my hand.

at the end of 06 head that site is very well done, so that make a lot of money invested in two sites, but the profit income way not think clearly, a lot of things entirely on business, the website is very simple and the characteristics of media, I get a real fire network, and make money by business and my fault, because I was so bad execution.

lost a lot of money, then I found that really understand what is the cause of


is interested in the website if there is no problem, make money not to make money are the same; if you want to make money, it must consider every step of their target site; how to make money, money is not what I said, traffic, advertising, these are attached; also is your website core all the way to make money, all publicity all around this point to make money.

if you surround yourself then your investment will soon be rewarded, you can do a little bit of advertising, you have to remember what is your main goal.

For example

the day before yesterday I had a dating network, called blind plans a total investment of 200 yuan, after three months, the monthly income of 3000; IP on the dating website many tens of thousands of; at present, what to earn on their own


core profit point and other sites are not the same, I don’t want to do what Chinese, Chinese best, I just want her health, I brought a certain number of monthly income to meet, because I meet so that the positioning with warm, sincere. And the community can reflect their own ideas, so I will web into the community of lower web will be the extension point of future development, at least now I can do, a person must be too tired to promote management.

first plan: let users feel the warmth of home, sincere service, in the face of what I want to do is 100 visitors 50 registered 25 loyal users. To be loyal, you must be loyal (


second program: soft Wen propaganda, expand the influence, within 1 months of registered users at least 5000

third program: continue to promote the next second months, and then began to put a small amount of advertising while engaging in activities for a small amount of income

fourth plan: a comprehensive advertising (must be very good publicity, and if there is a conflict between the layout must not), engage in large-scale activities under the line; day visit to reach tens of thousands.

when planning a big goal, then it is necessary to break down, if the decomposition of the day to go up earlier than the chicken, sleep later than Miss, as long as the completion of the day

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