Talk about my little business on the tail of 2012

maybe a lot of people do not know me, my name is Wang Shifan, has been living on SEO, but at the end of the SEO list is relatively small, but the cost has increased, how to solve this contradiction?. How to make money, said the title of small business, in fact, even small business are not considered. I would like to borrow A5 platform to share my ideas to make money, so that you can make a small fortune in the new year, a good year.

every winter is a good season to sell dogs, because dogs are the two seasons of winter and summer breeding is strong. I choose the most attractive Teddy to sell.

Why did

choose Teddy instead of other dogs for one reason: Teddy is more popular with girls, of course, girls’ money is the best. Two reasons: Tactic itself and sweet, sticky, very interesting. Reason three: the low cost of the wholesale dog, unlike those on a thousand, tens of thousands of dogs cost is not suitable for me. The string of dog, what itself is not valuable, if you sell, profit is not too good. Integrated above, I choose to sell the dog to make money.

how to collect the dog? Do you really want to raise a man and a woman?. Every city has the same city, Hefei also has a dog market — the red flower park. In order to study the question of my dog, spent a week, every day to see, to play, with professional dog dealer chat. At the end of the day, found a phenomenon: every Sunday, many housewives to the red flower park to find the dog traders to sell their home puppy, dog traders always find reason to say no, the purpose is to keep the prices down, often have very good pup, but was sold at a low price. Furthermore, a smart housewife, you will be holding a carton for stalls selling, but these people tend to overlook a problem, do not know the dog beauty to raise prices, the result is the price. I found that this is a business opportunity, is to spend 1600 yuan received a total of 5 teddy.

how to sell a dog as an Internet man, it is necessary to use the Internet to sell the dog. 58, go to the market, people send side, refresh once a day, these operations are the basis of work. How to edit the contents of the classified information to enhance the purchasing power of 99% people will find a very beautiful picture of the dog on the Internet into the information, I think this can enhance the purchasing power. Wrong! Pictures must be their own, as far as possible to find a good point, the dog cute look out, try to let the girls see it in love. Four dog, I’m going to sell, since decided to sell high, it certainly needs with high quality service, dog cage, dog clothes, dog beauty, these activities must have, in addition, small and canine distemper test card, let the dog friends buy buy. These add up to only 100 yuan per dog, and I each Teddy dog priced at $1200, the lowest price of 1000 yuan. There is a skill, or to see the dog dog boy consulting, rejected, unless he is to accompany his girlfriend or girlfriend to buy, buy a dog in the process, as long as the girls love the dog, is generally not a counter-offer, but the boys are different, especially.

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