Talking about what kind of state of mind should be based on the search for new entrepreneurs

at present, with the adjustment of the Baidu algorithm update, just enter the search area for some novice webmaster, is undoubtedly a reborn again and again, there may be some quality content with their own Webmaster Station strong here, but I believe that most of a substation long down in the algorithm to adjust the hillside for some novice a webmaster mentality, I analyzed some reference for novice webmaster.

one, as a novice webmaster why we should learn SEO

why do we need SEO SEO, except that we have no other way to go? I remember a few years ago Ma Yun said: "if you stay in the cafe inside the game today, if you also said today jokes on others do e-commerce is a fool, so I believe you will be five years later more regret!" in Ma Yun’s words, in today I want to tell you if a year after you have to contact SEO you will regret more! Because in the network inside the circle have been search engine as one of the most commonly used tools, our customers are looking for a product, first of all the search engine is used, then the user in using the search engines to find the products they need, will click on the website is often the only top, so by this point as a webmaster, not Tube is a novice or veteran, want to achieve profitability through the network, which is one of the most intuitive reasons we contact and learn SEO.

two, novice webmaster engaged in SEO why can’t insist on

because learning SEO is not a matter of two days a day, rely on repeated learning, communication, continuous practice can see a little practical results. In fact, I learn SEO at first, but also with a cavity blood for thousand dreams to learn the art of SEO hard, but the dream often brings us the reality of a large gap, we failed again and again, let me not see SEO can bring hope, let me then to believe that the three letters SEO, slowly to dispel the passion for learning, also have thought of giving up many times, but I really don’t know what I can give up, what to do? Maybe find a labourer to 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old, or even a lifetime! But in my heart I am there is such a feeling, I can’t go to work for others, I rely on their own ability to feed themselves, to feed my future, so there is such a word to say: "for the work of others is the most stupid investment. So by this sentence again and again I tell myself, must persist! Here is to warn will be engaged in SEO or SEO has been engaged in the webmaster must persist, should use persistence as your greatest hope.

three, novice webmaster should be overcome in the SEO of the three

first mentality: learning SEO first we have to understand that, in fact, learning SEO is not a difficult task, but really want to do a good job is not a simple SEO >