After 90 entrepreneurs, how they understand the nternet

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products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on July 19th

once controversial 90 has been plagued with a variety of labels, but this part of the group left the society began to integrate into the university campus, 90 has gradually become the mainstream crowd of the moment, these energetic and aggressive 90 also began to become entrepreneurial force. In today’s product family salon 90 entrepreneurs special activities, five young 90 entrepreneurs and share their experience and experience in the entrepreneurial road.

sharp wave technology founder and CEO Sun Yuchen: freedom, competition, personalization is the definition of security after 90

in the view of Sun Yuchen, 90 and 80 views on security is different, for the rumors on the Internet "80 collective memory", he said it could not understand. In his view, collective memory means control, monopoly and centralization. And in this era of information explosion, impact 90 by the Internet, and not what the collective memory for them, competition, freedom and individuality is the mainstream 90 pursuit, is also the source of their sense of security.

Sun Yuchen will be their dream of the road is defined as embrace risk, in this risk is greater than the benefits of the environment, entrepreneurs need to consider how to make a choice.

on the investment side, Sun Yuchen has his own thoughts, he hopes to meet with investors for investment experience and 90, "so we can all embrace in our thoughts and character, also can spend together in the face of difficulties, and really optimistic about this career."

Hunan Changde rice cow cow church founder Zhang Tianyi: Internet thinking and I have nothing to do with

some people have described the cow cow beef powder shop is thinking of the Internet to subvert the traditional food and beverage industry, for this definition, Zhang Tianyi want to say two words: hehe. He prefers to define himself as the traditional new venture in the Internet era, barberry church through the Internet can reach more Hunan Rice noodles eaters, to attract more people, in addition, Zhang Tianyi also will be the barberry church Houchu open through social media, the recipe contribution to beef powder lovers more the. "Nevertheless, it is far from the level of thinking".

and other active entrepreneurs choose this road entrepreneurs different, financial law graduate, Zhang Tianyi never thought of going to entrepreneurship, for him, this is more like a passive choice, because of fear, want to escape the current highly constrained real life and have no choice, "I do not know the venture will make me better, but I don’t know that business will only make me worse".

sing together founder Yin Sang: for 90 you do not need to understand, listen to good


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