Answers to several questions of Google Adsense

Delta Q: Google ad code can put several websites?

        answer: can   you just do not put on the site has been blocked account, you can also register in Google Adsense all of your site.

delta Q: can a computer for 2 ID?


delta Q: google  can do in which website; adsense 

        answer: general web site can, but it is best not to film, download, erotic and other aspects of the site. You can customize a channel for each station. In order to count how much revenue each site brings to you every day.


    delta Q: and for advertising, the price difference is not click?

    answer: No, all the ads are the same, some click on the price may be linked to the site’s main page click on the situation can click on the back of the link to apply for your Google Adsense advertising

delta Q: can I put Google Adsense on my blog?

      answer, can  

through the blog ads, you will encounter some completely different challenges: given the page format, highly targeted content and regulars, etc.. In order to make the most effective use of the resources and content of the web page, I would like to offer some suggestions:

to integrate advertising into blog

to increase the reader’s attention and click on the possibility of advertising, please put the advertising unit into the background of the blog. The use of bright colors for the title of the ad will help to make the ad compelling, and make sure that the background and borders of the ads are in the same background color as they are in the area.

try a variety of ad formats and location

in general, a wide range of advertising formats are often easier to read. It is likely that readers will be interested in placing an ad unit on the first post. In order to help you find inspiration, take a look at our example of the implementation of advertising. In addition, consider placing a " on the right side of the blog site; skyscraper ad " (120×600) or vertical link unit. If you are using Google Blogger, you can refer to


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