51Talk subverting the aristocratic English Education


reporter Zhao Na Beijing reported

hundreds of million or even several million oral English training has been many English fans pain, "lejinkuyaodai English" is the English learning of the strange situation. Coupled with the time cost of training institutions, many people who want to learn english.

at the end of 2011, a series of "parity English training" of the concept of online English training site "51Talk" on the line, compared to similar online training institutions of course every class (45 minutes) hundreds of yuan fee, 51Talk per hour (25 minutes) the fee is only 15 yuan.

on-line only a month, 51Talk get it real angel investment fund; not long ago, and risk investment institutions DCM millions of dollars in investment. As of the end of 2012, 51Talk registered users of more than 100 thousand people, paid users over ten million, the average monthly payment of more than 20% users.

entrepreneurship starter: TalkChina

The three founders of

51Talk, 28 year old Huang Jia Shu Ting, 28 years old, Jia Caijian is 30 years old. Although the core members of the team is younger, but its entrepreneurial experience can be traced back to six years ago.

Huang Jiajia’s first venture began in 2007. At that time, is about to graduate from Tsinghua University, Shu Ting and Huang Jiajia see online language training market opportunities, but taking into account the Chinese market is not yet mature, so the language training, the first stop on the japanese.

"at that time where the customer has just started, online shopping was not so popular now. We feel that this thing is still difficult to do in China, and the development of the Internet in Japan is relatively early, so the first to do this thing in japan." Over the same period, the Japanese language training schools for the Japanese online TalkChina on the line.

to 2011 Huang Jiajia, Shu Ting fade TalkChina, the Chinese language training website has been among the top three Chinese language training website in japan.

in 2007, after graduating from the University of Huang Jiajia into Japan’s largest trading company MITSUBISHI, Shu Ting went to University of Tokyo to pursue a Masters in linguistics. At the same time, Huang Jiajia is also responsible for the recruitment and management of TalkChina in the Chinese teachers, build the Shu Ting focus on the study of second language teaching system, a Japanese partner in soon after joining the TalkChina team, jointly responsible for the specific business of the japanese.

2010, Huang Jiajia and one of the core technologies of the Australian electricity supplier customer network, met with a group of Japanese companies to develop a navigation site for the purchase of a joint revision of the TalkChina. So far, the basic construction of the 51Talk start-up team completed: responsible for the market and operations of Huang Jiajia, responsible for the development of teaching products, responsible for the development of the technology of the

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