Ways to improve the website profit

      1, advertise your site with live banners, calling for action. You have to grab people’s attention and get them to click on your site.

      2, use pop-up windows or ads on your site. They can attract the attention of web visitors, because they are jumping in front of people.

        3, the purchase of online business books, e-books, private web members, etc.. Learn as much as you can about all the new sites.

      4, analyze all your promotional methods. Focus on the ways in which they work, and discard the methods that have no effect. You can’t waste your precious time.

      5, get as much benefit as possible from each site visitor. Ask them to order your electronic magazine, participate in your message board, register on the website, etc..

      6, if your banner ads are not able to improve the site click rate, then you can also use text links. People generally do not ignore text links as they ignore the slogan.

      7, exchange content with other electronic journal publishers or other websites. This is a powerful and effective way to set links to other target sites.

      8, to ensure that your customers can get your products every minute. If you have to delay delivery, your customer may eventually cancel their order.

      9, use the directory on your website so that people can easily browse. Most people are pressed for time, so try to use lists, short presentations, essays, etc..

      10, add a message board or chat room on your website. If people like these things, they will regularly visit your site to participate.

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