PR can also sell the connection fee market has been brewing

Some people will ask:


can really make money?

I’ll tell him seriously: Yes,


what’s the current market situation,


  PR3 is 5 yuan, 20 yuan PR4, PR5, 60-90 range, general circumstances. Rarely, but I believe that many webmaster have not made electricity

1: so what should we choose according to


actually linked to the site, the first is to guide, such as the new right is not enough, want to let Baidu fast included, second is even, the PR value increased.

example, PR3 station, baidu/GG included more than 100, the number of home page is less than the number of 12. We priced at $5. Very little, but the sale of the ten is 50, stronger than alimama ah.

remember to remind the buyer that the connection can not be done in the JS. It is necessary to remind the seller is to choose not to be K station, of course, depends on the other side of the credibility of the past few days seems to buy more than PR,

so, I came out in the group to do a return to the intermediary also feel the market gradually formed.

2 is the market big now?

answer: in fact, in the long run, the market should be relatively large, but now most of the buyer’s market or.

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