ndependent blog is a way of earning money

yes, every webmaster should have an independent blog, this blog is used to record our life bit by bit. Why, we can not say today, today to talk about a project, independent blog million a way of earning money. This project requires everyone to adhere to, can not insist on not to come.

I do not agree with the theme of the

blog is now a lot of webmaster mode, basically with the network promotion, SEO, the network to make money related technology blog. In fact, independent blog, we should go out of the webmaster circle, should use the diary form to record our life around people and things, and for the website related things, I suggest you open a column in the blog on it. Because the site is not all of you.

blog theme of how to set up and pay some ideas not here, of course, we can according to the idea of A. My idea is to your life in the city as the theme, such as you are in Chongqing, you can put the blog name "Oliver notes", "mountain Bang Bang army" what. Content you can write your work, friends, you can write Chongqing snacks, which have a good place to eat, you can write Chongqing tourism, scenic spots or something. But the premise is to original. Strive to achieve 90% of the articles are original, and the 10% is what you see good articles, good video, picture post over on the Internet, but also to add your own thoughts or words to form pseudo original.

blog in the early days, I do not agree with everyone in the original content of the 100 did not go everywhere to promote. We do the content, do a good job in the website chain optimization. Then do some simple chain, like the application of several portal blog to do outside the chain, if we press every day you update an article, then persist for two or three months, your blog should have seventy or eighty articles, you insist on is the result of the search engine has been on your blog every day snapshot, and even published an article immediately after collection.

is, at this time, you can proceed to the promotion, there are a lot of promotion way, for example, now many large and medium-sized city has more fire place forum, you go to mix a familiar face, then put your blog to share at the end of the forum, will certainly be a paragraph, can link link. So you often share your original article, your article is related to the city, there will be a lot of traffic to your blog. And micro-blog, I will not say how to push the city, there are many and idle away in seeking pleasure relevant QQ group, the flow, plus you do SEO to flow, a year later, your blog does not have tens of thousands of traffic, only that you didn’t work hard.

traffic, and how to become money? We carefully think about this blog traffic basically from a city, that is, the flow of people is very concentrated distribution, which is one of its. Second, we operate is an independent blog, is an individual as the core, that is, when you run a successful independent blog, you will be the city of the Internet, a legend, a celebrity. If >

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