After 80 entrepreneurs 5 people 800 yuan from the wholesale business

Name: Zhang Xiyan

age: 23

position: Beijing Xingyuan in biological science and Technology Co Ltd Wuhan Office Manager

motto: don’t give up, otherwise sorry oneself.

he is my primary and junior high school students, he is my high school classmate, she is my alumni, and then she is my girlfriend’s high school classmates, as well as a high school classmate to deliver…… We have 5 people, 3 boys and 2 girls. We are Wuhan, we know from the "student", now do poineering work together".

a group of only child in Wuhan, the average age of 22.5 years. 4 years ago, because one of the girls try to use 800 yuan investment to set up a shop, their business will get out of hand. Now, through the way students recruit students, they assemble into a team. Starting from 800 yuan, they roll up the accumulated capital of $500 thousand, monthly income of million. In last year’s financial crisis, because of the devaluation of foreign exchange, their direct loss of a daily order of up to 5000.

as a global financial tsunami in a panel "minimal helm," these children captain "not arrogant is not hungry, through the timely adjustment of marketing strategy, successfully resisted the sudden impact. This year, when the same age is still looking for a job or find their parents complain scorched by the flames when they resigned from the original steady income, wholeheartedly into their own shop business.

in the new year’s plan, the captain of the children wrote: continue to expand the waters of sailing, in addition to maintaining the high growth of Japan and South Korea and the European market, this year’s focus is to accelerate the U.S. market."

online shopping after the Spring Festival, the reporter on the Internet to know a full-time sales of cosmetics Wuhan team. In the vicinity of Chongwen book city, a set of two rooms, the wearing cuff in front of the computer, all eyes and facial expressions with the keyboard "business" big boys said, selling cosmetics is actually a physical activity. Because the main cosmetics wholesale business, they are both network and handling. "You see a box of goods, the girls moved


business core member Liu Shun told reporters that the shop was originally founded a Xiyan girlfriend in college, the name "Rock Creek". Now, to devote himself to it, he has just resigned from the work of a court, full-time and Zhang and his classmates together to do shop. "Don’t think that boys selling cosmetics are not professional, we have to start from the" handling "and warehouse management, cosmetics varieties, brands and basic purposes by heart".

invested 800 yuan from the Internet to start selling Korean cosmetics shop, Liu Shunbian to Zhang Xiyan when handling". As the business grew bigger, he was going to carry more and more goods. The Internet is puerile, can be physical. Liu Shunxiao said the warehouse on the third floor, an order is 30 thousand yuan, 58 boxes, each box of 20 kg. "When"

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