Advertising alliance Wangzhuan the best platform for the small owners profit

The word

Wangzhuan we are very familiar with, whether it is done station or to have a knowledge of the internet. I do stand for a period of time, every time the article will have a new feeling. In their choice of Wangzhuan this way, every day insist on your original dream. I recall walking along the road, from the original company website product promotion to the last contact slowly learning SEO, and to CPA and CPS, from a rookie to know more and more, along the way that Wangzhuan is not difficult, the difficulty lies in the persistence and innovation, difficult is how to plan for continued.

a lot of options, there are a variety of advertising, sales of ideas, such as a Witkey; sales of products, such as team mode B2C or Taobao customers; optimization promotion, such as SEO etc.. I think that as long as the profit through the Internet can be called wangzhuan. Today, we talk about the focus is that I am more familiar with the advertising alliance, I believe this is also a lot of old webmaster is very familiar with a word. But there are many different kinds of advertising alliances, not every one is easy to do. In the whole process, people laugh and people cry, some people give up. In a word, more learning, more efforts, has always insisted. Today, I wrote an article to share some of the feelings come in, such as the same feeling, welcome to exchange.

introduction: advertising alliance Wangzhuan


as mentioned above, as long as it is profitable through the Internet, can be referred to as wangzhuan. We are most familiar with the Commission of Taobao customers, through the sale of products is CPS; and the promotion of insurance and brand, successfully invite a person registered and profitable called CPA; do flow hang the game pop category called CPM; some early impressions per click or called CPC; in addition some software download, the Commission also belongs to a kind of advertising alliance, is a lot of movie station and software download station mainstream profit way. As usual, we are familiar with the Google advertising alliance and Baidu advertising alliance, the main body is also a few categories, but the extension of the more refined. Advertising alliance is the best way to sell their own products in addition to selling their own products, because the investment is small, successful control, flexible direction.

current environment: the trend of domestic advertising alliance

personal website profit model is relatively simple, but this single is very effective. But on the whole, giving the feeling is in the exploratory stage, that is, one day the flow of money to promote the idea of a day, and there is no very large scale and branding to promote. This may be the domestic Internet environment, the owners of their own resources and technology have a direct relationship. We usually see a lot of movies, download station website page is very messy, even deliberately induce users to click on the download, popups forced to appear plus, or even every three seconds once, we can understand these, but it also shows that the understanding of advertising is not enough and not very effective promotion, needs to be improved. My thinking is actually the reverse thinking, look at what the user needs, we will provide what, in the provided

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