The mystery of small company Travelzoo profit

want to own a company, want to make their own small companies quickly succeed? Let’s take a look at Travelzoo! One of the 2006 "Forbes" top ten American star small company. In 2004 broke the record of 80 times the city’s eBay win. How does a website that has nothing to do with advertising have to write it?

"free": Immortal marketing tool

in 1998, by the network economy inspired Battelle had an idea, to build a website, this website in addition to advertising what are not, but it can tell you what the most affordable hotel in which is the best car rental company, where all the cheapest flights.

site to attract advertising must be popular, how to let you know Travelzoo and would like to browse the site? Battelle played a trick, he said it was all in the Travelzoo register and fill in the personal information of the members will receive a free Travelzoo 3 shares, and may one day get a Travelzoo bonus in the future. Although such a free stock move may not comply with the law, but in reality to win Travelzoo membership, a total of Travelzoo donated 5 million 200 thousand free shares, so it has the basic popularity. Since then, Battelle quickly once again used the "free" the killer, to provide test advertising free of charge for bachint car rental companies in the website.

has a member, and has the advertiser, although all is free, but they soon attracted other members and advertisers for Travelzoo. Of course, this time to advertise on the Travelzoo is no longer free of charge. From May 21, 1998 Travelzoo began the first real business to the end of 1998, Travelzoo’s advertising sales revenue reached $84000.

began in 1999, Travelzoo entered a stable and rapid growth period, and

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