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six degree space (

‘s first interactive entertainment review portal, is a positive response to Web2.0 and the leader. Through advanced acquisition mode and first-class editing level to provide high-quality information essence for the reader, multimedia interactive entertainment community platform collection of movies, music, digital, automotive, travel, reading, video, maps, delicacy, blog, electronic magazines, shopping in one.

six degrees of space to express the concept that this planet is so closely related to people, the invisible link us together. There are countless combinations between people, polymerization of a large information forms a unique advantage of the network world, breaking the barriers and barriers across the gap between human and virtual reality and interaction, mutual trust, understanding and communication, interpersonal circle a more true will be born with six. Growth.

valid registration requirements:

1, after the completion of registration, posting on the website success

2, post users should be consistent with the provisions of the contents of the contents of the six web site posting, not malicious irrigation.

3, IP users post every day only included a repeated IP invalid user.

4, data returned three days.

unit price: 4 yuan / valid registered member

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