The way out of the original music of the network

"Opinions" on the online music market bear the baton role, which will affect the network music creators, especially those who want to make money through online music.

Wen   Li Junhui

total online "opinion" caused strong repercussions in the industry have questioned the legitimacy of the provisions, some of the original music network worries about the future, then, what is the original music network in the Ministry of culture under the new way out?

first of all, "opinions" clearly stipulates that the "network music products" rather than "network music works". The former is mainly through the transfer of the transfer of the right to authorize the copyright, etc.". While the latter focuses on "creation". According to the provisions of the copyright law and the regulations on the implementation of the copyright law, the work refers to the intellectual achievements in the field of literature, art and science which are original and can be reproduced in some form.

when the network music works through the transfer of authorization, authorization to implement the practical realization of the "work" of the product". The Ministry of culture "opinion" focuses on the latter rather than the former. When the network music works "product", it becomes a commodity or product in the market.

according to the Ministry of culture ministries and responsibilities, the centralized management of the cultural market, formulate development planning of the cultural market; the study on the development situation of the cultural market, cultural market inspection work instruction". Then, as the manager of the cultural market, the Ministry of culture, of course, have the right to supervise the implementation of online music products market, including the review of the product, filing or approval of imports.

secondly, the opinion is not to stifle the original music network. Now the opinions of the main focus is on the network of music products, the network of music works, especially those online music is not the original work of the Ministry of culture, the scope of regulation. Those who love the creation of network music people can still free creation, however, when they are ready to work through their own profit, it must consider whether their works for dissemination in the market, namely the work is to achieve erosion consciously resist the bad content, abandon the network music products vulgar wind ". Whether the provisions of the" copyright law "and" law works prohibited publication and dissemination".

3, the original music network may be transferred to a personal blog. According to the "opinions" provisions of network music for censorship responsibility is the network music enterprise, is to obtain the "permit" Internet culture business enterprises engaged in Internet culture operation, they are facing increasing supervision in enterprise management, based on the consideration, they will take the initiative to reduce, reduce or resist some original music network. From this point of view, the personal attributes of the podcast may be a short time will become the network of original music gathering place. For these works, they all belong to the content of the user to upload independently, the site or the responsibility of the enterprise is very small. Therefore, regardless of the original music creators from the network, or from the network music companies, they will invariably the original network >

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