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      Google was founded in 1997, its founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the Stanford University dorm to jointly develop a new online search engine, and then quickly spread to the global information search in recent years the rapid development has become the world’s largest search engine, and Yahoo, AOL and other index the search engine provides background page query service. At present, Google processing requests for 200 million times a day, the database has a Web file, and this number is still growing in 3 billion.

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also placed Google AdSense station advertising (such as computer software, newspaper website, Yesky,,, NetEase), a personal website and blog is fifty or sixty per cent in Google advertising, because Google good reputation, is ranked second in the world of web advertising value is higher than the domestic. Any home, in dollar prices. China webmaster (regardless of size, whether the site or blog) for.

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Google website explains: Google AdSense is a quick and easy method of making money online, can make traffic has certain scale website publishers to show website and website content relevant to their Google advertising and traffic into revenue.



  Google AdSense is a form of network affiliate, if you add Google AdSense to a site, it becomes Google publishers, as publishers can join Google AdSense, display Google keyword advertising on its website, Google is the number of clicks to pay the commission members according to advertising on the site, when one end of the month the Commission reached US $100 to pay advertising commissions to the user.
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