Ask Google AdSense tour hotspot Google search Alliance

in the tour process, publishers have on our new product – Search alliance is very interested, also asked a lot of questions related to the search alliance. We collected several major questions and did the following:

1 can I join the Google search alliance

all Chinese publishers can join the Google search alliance. For those who are willing to use the original Google online search products publisher, in the case of AdSense policy allows, you can keep the original search box, while increasing Google search alliance, rich search form.

2 how to join the search Alliance:

1). Visit,
3). Set the AdSense for Search
5). Select "Google style search results
6). Other options
7). To get the code from the code box, placed in the position corresponding to the


3 a year from the beginning of the promotion period?

promotion period from the product line began to calculate, that is, September 2007 -2008 years in September.

4 can I set up a popular search term


at present we only provide this feature for some large customers. We will be based on user feedback, consider the popularity of similar settings.

more information can be read as follows:

Google search alliance is a new product AdSense, publishers can add a search box to provide quality services to users to search the corresponding location in the page, the search results will be displayed in, to provide the best search experience for users. At the same time, within a year of the promotion period, for the user to effectively click on the ads, publishers can get highly competitive and higher yields.

features and advantages:

1 search results page will be displayed in, to provide users with the best search experience.
2 to join the search alliance publishers can use this product with other online search products of higher proportion, the promotion period for one year.
3 search box interface extension Google concise style consistent, to ensure a good user experience.

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