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Jingdong mall founder Liu Qiangdong speech (Sina Finance photo by Chen Xin)


technology news July 16th morning news, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong spoke at the mall "entrepreneurs" 2012 dark horse contest that every entrepreneur needs to learn how to deal with the capital, he also hope that investors can treat entrepreneurs, not a conclusion easily must fail.

Liu Qiangdong has been previously on micro-blog openly challenge Saif Yan Yan Yan phlogistic, said don’t respect entrepreneurs. In the dark horse contest site, he said that Chinese entrepreneurs in the past few years and dealing with capital, made three typical errors.

one is to deceive investors, the shareholders of the money into their pockets. Second is considered to be bullied investors, investors continue to put pressure on the investment rules in the three is unknown, reluctant to please a good law firm.

Liu Qiangdong pointed out that in the future every successful entrepreneur must do two things, one is to manage their own business, but learn how to deal with the capital.

"Chinese most of the business are to do business honestly, it is not easy to do in the industry Chinese, I have done 14 years, I believe that everyone can do business entrepreneur, you can persist for 10 years, behind the hardships are not words, suffering and difficulties in my heart. Therefore, I also hope that investors can be good to entrepreneurs, do not easily conclude that you must fail! Success is accidental, failure is inevitable! Liu Qiangdong finally said. (Lin Ming)

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Liu Qiangdong: to invite let me write a line of black words: be sure to dress! For all of you respect, invited me to dress up, so I put on.

there are a lot of entrepreneurs, life is not afraid to deal with investment, we must not forget that the social controversy with the development of each enterprise, it is impossible to avoid capital. One hundred years of family business, they survived for 400 years, the 12 generation of inheritance, did not take the money of others, but not still alive? But the British have their own family culture, the son of a good education, to his grandson could get him a good education, education of future generations after the 12 generation. But in China, I do not know how many of the rich two generations of education can be good?

whether in Europe or the United States, 99% of companies, you are definitely not listed here. We hope that every entrepreneur should not avoid investment, don’t avoid conversation with capital, the future of each successful entrepreneur must do two things: one is to operate their business, the second point is to learn how to deal with the capital, which is an unavoidable problem.

over the past few years, China’s entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, I think dealing with the capital market made three typical errors:

the first kind of mistake is lying around me

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