After graduation, my entrepreneurial road

2014, I graduated from school. With a better vision for the future, with the teacher for us to find a good job Niubi promise, set out to find a job, with the hope that the resume is out, but a no echo. Four years of hard work, but can not find a counterpart to receive us.

in a single blow, I fell into the infinite melancholy, how can I live in the future? It is said that the older the more valuable the accounting, but I do not even have a unit willing to receive. I understand the concerns of those companies, but everyone comes from the novice, do not exercise, how to become an old hand?

in a time of waiting, the disappointment again and again, I can not help but open the home squat mode. A stroll on the net, a friend sent a group of Web site to me, or your own business that we forget it, said there are a lot of Internet for entrepreneurial projects, this is the future trend of the internet. I heard we are not learning half believe and half doubt, born of the Internet, how can this trend analysis? How can we operate the

system?When a group of

in online searching, suddenly my eyes bright, I smiled.

now the white-collar workers, students, Indoorsman to takeaway this industry in great demand, why can’t you put this one up, oneself when a small boss? So I spotted this takeaway Simba, simple and easy to operate the software, not on the origin of the Internet we still so easy I and friends! A detailed understanding of the system, the production team is a very reliable team. Simba is a group takeaway through own production team, safe and reliable, powerful and beneficial to SEO, optimize and upgrade constantly. To know that these are the basis to win at the starting line. Secondly, there is a city protection system, to become their own city’s only independent individual operators, such a customer base is still very strong.

touch screen version of the phone, WeChat, APP all have, you can grasp the needs of users.

software comes with data analysis, to help you quickly grasp the most accurate analysis of the latest trends.

business background is easy to operate, is independent of the background distribution, order inquiries, order management, evaluation management, message management, everything.

settlement, I think entrepreneurs are most worried about is this, the software supports online payment, cash on delivery. As long as the business consultation, everything is so easy.

a lot of people ask me now, I can only say, now just starting soon, a small record, though not rich and earn a lot of money, but the same period graduate students, is a very good start.

my experience out, and I hope to find a job barrier as soon as possible to find their own friends. Finally, thank you

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