90 entrepreneurs have not only after it is 95 fresh chicken with chilli pepper

familiar 90 entrepreneurs may have many, Yu Jiawen super curriculum, barberry hall Zhang Tianyi, Ma Jiajia, not global SegmentFault community, said Wen Chenghui, Gao Yang gift fast comics with me, Sun Yuchen, Chen Anni sang Yoon sang. In this Internet entrepreneurship craze, 90 entrepreneurs is pocketed the people’s attention. But we are familiar with the 95 entrepreneurs may not have a few.

today, as 95 years later, they are exposing many of the labels that have been given, and gradually grow into the mainstream, the presence of anger after the brush is a special sense of 95. You have to talk about the youth business circle, we often talk about Zhang Yiyun, Hu Juncheng, Xu Ke, Ying Da hook, Qingxun hole, Wang Kaixin the six after 95 entrepreneurs.


pocket part-time – Zhang Yiyun

in the business circle of last year, we are "after 95 entrepreneurs valuation of billions of dollars: we do not recruit Curve Wrecker, only recruit dumbass!" this article scraper. Zhang Yiyun "13 year old junior high school started to earn Diyitongjin hundreds of thousands", "15 year old two entrepreneurs earn nearly 1 million", "17 year old Taobao store day into a million", "18 year old four venture away from the PC era" and "19 years old third founded pocket part-time App".

was 13 years old, 4 years old began to contact the computer Zhang Yiyun to write one for hackers to steal QQ Trojans, earned the first pot of gold in life -30 million. When he was a high, he and a few friends jointly set up an online hacker training platform, specialized ‘counseling’ hackers interested in primary and secondary school students. This platform to recruit 100 thousand of paid members, he also succeeded in earning the first in life of the first 1 million.

after the end of the college entrance examination, he was concerned about a site can be promoted through the task of a way to promote a product, through the QQ mass screenshot to get commission income. Practice will be found, if really added to the QQ group to mass advertising, it is difficult to add it, two is an ad was kicked out of the group. So he developed a software called Witkey up, generating 5 to 1 minutes of QQ screenshot, earn a lot of money. Since then, he put the software into the shop to sell, and a person responsible for the shop all the operation too hard, he used the concept of "Crowdsourcing", developed four hundred or five hundred agents, should do the day into a million.

Zhang Yiyun has a lot of story, but the story is more about the pocket. Pocket part-time in January 2015 on the line, the development can be described as smooth sailing. In 2014 2 million angel investment, 2015 was 20 million yuan of A round of financing, valuation of billions of dollars. Pocket part-time big data analysis to provide users, part-time positions based on the user more time, the system can more accurately calculated the type of position and salary range of interest to the user, and then through the news station and mobile phone SMS in the form of aggregation and pushed to users. The pocket contains part-time part-time > dry cargo sharing.

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