Supply is on your side — teach you how to find supplies for the shopDog sees people low, comments d

usually in forums or chat rooms to see, many sellers worry about supply, or can not find the source of goods, or do not know how to find a good source of goods.


disadvantages: easy to stock, the quality is not easy to control

has the advantages of stable supply, informal channels, goods not easy to stock

, it’s a typical American style, "fair."". Just as the old man said, "we sell weapons to some countries in China, but he has sold arms to Taiwan one by one.".

online shop, almost worry about not the market, but the source of goods. Whatever it sells, the supply is critical. Online shop has space, low cost is an important factor, and grasp the cheap goods supply, have mastered the magic weapon of winning.

advantages: quick update, many varieties,

2, brand agents. Open shop, you need to be a conscientious person, you can pay attention to the formal store, and must go to contact, and certainly will have many discoveries.

used to be shlf1314 to K, we Chinese webmaster, this time, I hope we can stand together, K drop shlf1314, Chinese people, for self-esteem!

1, general wholesale market. Like many around the market, such as Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market, Yiwu small commodity city.


took china for example, no special changes in advertising, where the white screen can still click advertising, at the same time, on the same page, china do similar advertising including: shlf1314 AD, chinaUninet-Alimama, alimama, NarrowAD and a bunch of theme promotion advertising. This is obviously contrary to the "strict" shlf1314 policy. If you follow the dog’s point of view, this site does not know how many times you want to give K count. Note: I didn’t mean to say "bad China net", just for example.

this is the easiest way to find a source of goods, but many sellers ignore this simple method and turn their attention to the origin of the goods. In fact, the initial stage of your opening shop, if the sale of goods can not reach a certain amount, then purchase in the local market, has fully meet your needs.

disadvantages: slow update, relatively high price,

of course, before I wrote this, I thought there would be a lot of saliva, but please think it over yourself, don’t have milk or mother. The reason we stand together to protest is to hope that dogs can change this unfair policy, and we want equal treatment. Instead of cheap

but, in choosing this kind of home, we must pay attention to his credit and the quality of the goods, otherwise, it will be difficult to resolve a dispute. It is recommended to go to the home famous online Commission home www.53daixiao to find suppliers to sell online suppliers.

but relatively speaking, direct contact with brand dealers requires a larger amount of stock. The bigger the brand, the higher the price discount, and the real money is just the rebate after the sales have been completed.

for beginners, this is a good choice, because all the goods are complete, the key depends on how you sell the goods.

here, I will look for some conventional methods of supply, come up with everyone to explore, we hope to be able to help.

, but if your shop has developed to a certain extent, you want to take a standardized route, this will be a good choice!

3, commission supplier. This is a very popular online supply.

advantages: simple and easy to save, a little mouse, and even do not have to pay their own delivery, sitting commission. The risk is low and the capital input is most


offers pictures and merchandise from suppliers and sells them directly after selling.

dog recently changed habits, I think it should be the time the webmaster discussed the most topic, originally, a company to change their way, that’s understandable. But what is strongly objectionable is the American style of "fairness."".

careful webmaster is not difficult to find, in thousands of small station advertising change way, but there are some big website similar advertising has not changed.

disadvantages: goods are not subject to their own hands, and quality is difficult to control because they may not understand the goods

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