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coincidentally, another recent venture tuyere, "shared charging treasure" has also played a patent war. In April, the telephone technology sued the street power technology patent infringement, involving a total of 6 patents.

if the older generation of entrepreneurs with intellectual property are passive and negative, so many of today’s entrepreneurs choose the initiative to embrace the intellectual property as an important part of curing assets of the enterprise, started the layout in the beginning.

May 8th, originally Yongan line IPO before the online, net purchase date. However, due to a few days ago, Gu Tailai patent litigation, the Yongan bank had to "postpone the follow-up release" work, "sharing the first bike shares", whose home has become unknown again.

Yongan suspended behind IPO, a man named Gu Tailai "thousands of people plan distinguished experts, as early as December 2010, he applied for the" free bike rental operation system and method to take the fixed point of the patent, this patent also became his sniper other sharing platform "bicycle patent stick" IPO not only delayed the planned trip to Yongan, also let the v-mobile and ofo platforms are facing the risk of patent litigation.

company registration, agent bookkeeping, such things should not be agents, accounting companies to do it, the legal electricity supplier and what these things have to do?

for entrepreneurs, in advance, the layout of intellectual property rights has become very critical, the industry has also emerged a group of professionals to provide intellectual property services of the third party Internet platform.

"patent infringement" stick has become an important means of competition for technology companies. In fact, in addition to sharing bicycles, sharing rechargeable treasure, patent wars in other industries are also playing in full swing. State Intellectual Property Office statistics show that in 2016, the total number of patent administrative law enforcement investigators 48916, an increase of 36.5%, of which the patent dispute case for the first time exceeded 20 thousand, reaching 20859, an increase of 42.8%.

"the most difficult thing is to change the consumer and consumer habits of the market." Zhang Xinxin said, "the traditional way of doing things has many disadvantages, but we are used to doing that.". We hope to educate the market, this matter does not let us do, also can do by others, this is the tendency. "Green dog network" is now the most common way to use the Internet free!

when I heard that the green dog network introduced related services, the author’s first idea came out of the above mentioned problem. Here we first briefly introduce the green dog network, the official said, green dog network is a focus on providing small and micro enterprises online legal services and products Internet Co. Simply put, green dog is a legal electricity supplier, green dog to build a platform like Taobao, Ctrip, so that the demand for enterprises to come up to find lawyers, do legal services, lawyers find life on the platform. So, the question is, since it is the legal electricity supplier, why do and accounting firm to grab business, rather than the traditional law firm to grab business?.

"in fact, companies register these things in foreign countries by law firms, but as domestic law firms get too high a customer’s costs, the general lawyers are reluctant to take these scattered lists."." Green Dog Network CEO Xin Xin heart lady said. These small start-up companies are the target customers of the green dog. These start-ups don’t have the strength to hire legal advisers, but each company faces legal problems ranging from company to company. On the other hand, lawyers in law firms are mostly in a state of extreme non saturation. Zhang Xinxin, who has more than 10 years’ experience in law, has deep feelings about the situation: one is that the entrepreneur doesn’t get the legal service, while the other is the lawyer who has a lot of spare time. Zhang Xinxin wants to change this situation, so that all parties can enjoy the benefits of the Internet: "green dog do is through the Internet using the lawyer spare time for these services Small and micro businesses, so that the original bad things profitable." "I think we do things like Ctrip did, the original line of services for everyone accustomed to the Internet through the means to improve service transparency, improve efficiency and reduce costs." Zhang Xinxin explained.

three years ago, we used to laugh at the idea that some entrepreneurs had a good idea and that they could finance as a PPT. Now, they have added a step to applying for a patent protection before they can do PPT.

masters of power is >

shared a recent hot charging treasure industry too, was founded in August 2014 to science and technology, want to build a shared set of charging industry standardization, even in 2015 October in Guangdong Province, the high court layout, mobile charging equipment leasing service hall in the court, and the State Intellectual Property office. Today, patents have become an important weapon in calling technology, sniping, and competitors, regardless of the outcome of the proceedings, but at least to some extent, delay the expansion of the other side’s speed and financing speed.

as the whole society pays more and more attention to intellectual property rights, entrepreneurs are showing a completely different attitude from the older generation of entrepreneurs.

new generation of entrepreneurs pay more attention to intellectual property rights,

green dog through the Internet platform for small businesses to provide a series of necessary standardized legal services, such as the drafting of the company’s articles of association, the drafting of equity agreements, contract review, trademark registration, patent registration, etc.. These standardized legal services are easy to process electronically and can be easily handled online. And for the lawyers in the opposite direction, these services are not very difficult. Lawyers do not need to advertise everywhere, to see customers, the cost is greatly reduced, as long as the amount of the corresponding business will become very attractive. However, since you want to be a network platform, you need to get a large number of customers, this is not an easy thing.


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